• Engines of the Golden Era – Ohlsson & Rice

    OHLSSON & RICE ENGINES are the product of the world’s largest manufacturers of miniature aircraft engines and are designed expressly for and intended to be used in model aircraft operation only.

  • Engines of the Golden Era – Dennymite Airstream

    Your Dennymite Airstream is a true gasoline engine of the two-cycle type and the laws governing the operation of large engines of this design apply it with equal force. While the Dennymite Airstream is simple in construction, it is precision made and has the ruggedness to give a lifetime of satisfactory service if handled with reasonable care.

  • Engines of the Golden Era – Ohlsson Miniature

    Now you own an OHLSSON Miniature Radial Mounted Airplane Motor. Your motor is a precision built model power plant, the result of years of experience in building miniature motors. It has been the aim of Irwin G. Ohlsson and Frank Bertelli, builders of OHLSSON Motors, to produce an engine simple in construction, powerful, and dependable in performance.

  • Engines of the Golden Era – Atwood Super Champion

    All Super Champion engines are bench run and tested at the factory to insure everything being in perfect working order, however, the new engine requires additional breaking in.