• Flying Aces “T-Beam Gas Job” is here again

    We have published a short article about this nice midget gas job. I have got many requests to publish a better scan of this model during the last months. So guys here is it for you who are interested in build this gassie.

  • Once again about the Super Atom diesel engine

    There was so much written about this famous Czech midget diesel engine. Designed by Vladislav Hruska in 1946 spread quickly and became one of the most popular and widely used engines during the late 1940s in Czechoslovakia.

  • Weekend project – Engine mount for Antares

    Antares is a well-known racing model designed by Jaroslav Broz in 1942. It has a nicely shaped streamlined fuselage, elliptical wing sits above the fuselage on a pylon. Originally powered by the IPRO IKAR 6,3 ccm spark engine, but most modelers are using any suitable engine even glow or diesel.