Engines of the Golden Era – Dennymite Airstream


Your Dennymite Airstream is a true gasoline engine of the two-cycle type and the laws governing the operation of large engines of this design apply it with equal force. While the Dennymite Airstream is simple in construction, it is precision made and has the ruggedness to give a lifetime of satisfactory service if handled with reasonable care.


Before your engine left the factory it was thoroughly inspected and block tested. The Pacific Airmotive Corporation guarantees it to be free from imperfections in materials and workmanship for a period of 60 days from the date of sale to the user. This guarantee is null and void if our inspection proves that the engine has been mistreated. tampered with in any way, improperly overhauled and adjusted or has been in a crash. Any engine returned to us for any reason whatsoever must be sent with forwarding charges prepaid.


The Dennymite Airstream may be mounted on the longerons of any well designed ship or on the firewall by using suitably designed mounting brackets. Be sure firewall is well designed and braced. Do not mount engine behind a closed cowl. Be sure to provide a free circulation of air around the cylinder.


Is simple but positive. Recommended clearance for the spark plug and breaker points is approximately .015 inch.


Use two flashlight cells connected in series giving volts (dry cells are all 11/2 volts each). Two large dry cell batteries are desirable for bench testing and booster starting, as they give a hot spark and last much longer than flashlight cells. Battery packs specially designed for this type engine are avail-able. Do not use a six-volt storage battery.


Any well designed propeller of 13 to 14 inches diameter and 1/2 to 5/8 inch hub thickness which would allow the engine to turn approximately 5000-6500 R.P.M. will be satisfactory.


The fuel best suited to the Dennymite Airstream engine is a mixture of three parts by volume of any good grade of untreated gasoline to one part S.A.E. 70 lubricating oil of any nationally advertised brand. Mix well before filling gas tank.

DO NOT use any gasoline containing tetra-ethyl lead. or use any fuel containing alcohol or ether, in a Tenite tank.


With the engine mounted according to instructions, the fuel tank filled, the propeller securely mounted and the spark-control lever in retarded position, proceed as follows: Close needle valve, being careful not to screw too tightly into seat, and reopen approximately three turns. Choke engine by flipping over propeller a few times with finger over air intake. Remove finger and flip propeller quickly in anti-clockwise direction until engine starts. If engine does not start promptly, repeat the process. After engine starts, advance the spark and lean the mixture until engine fires evenly every revolution. Adjust spark lever and needle valve until setting for best power is found. A little practice will enable the operator to easily start and adjust a Dennymite Airstream. Never run the engine in a closed room. For additional information, consult your dealer or write direct to Pacific Airmotive Corp., Manufacturing Division.