Vintage airplane models event in MG Bern on 12th September 2020

Every year bunch of events is scheduled to be held in MG Bern. Especially for antique model builders, there is a magic date that traditionally falls on the first half of September. I could not attend this nice meeting this year so my friend Peter has sent some beautiful photos taken by club members.

Flock of Frechdaxes (Designed by W. Sörgel in 1970s)
Mercury Galahad (Designed by Frank Knowles in 1960s)
Another Frechdax in flight
Christian’s new antique model
Antares (Designed by Jaroslav Brož in 1942)
Rubber powered Hurricane (very nicely built and a quite big model too)
Unknown (at least to me) rubber powered model
Another rubber powered model (can anyone identify this beauty ? drop comments below)
Nice model, precisely built must fly nicely, and believe me it pretty does 🙂
This interesting model is designed by no one else than Arnold Degen. Do you remember ESSO, Pilot, and other famous Swiss gliders?
Milan, yet another nice glider
I would bet this model is even older than me, I like its aged livery 🙂
Peter’s Flamingo is a must-have at every vintage airplane event

I am pleased to publish these photos and believe we will meet again personally next year.

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