Two “unknown” models are identified

Two (at least to me) unknown rubber-powered models, as we stated in the last article about the Antique meeting in MG Bern last September, became identified. Identification has been provided by the builder/owner of these models, Peter Z. from MG Bern. The first one is “Goblin”, the latter “Redwing”. Both models were produced as a kit by the Veron and Frog, respectively.

“GOBLIN” by Veron

Veron Goblin. 20in span superlight duration model. For simple and easy construction. All balsa lightweight construction. Covered by light tissue. Designed by Phil Smith in 1949.

“REDWING” by Frog

Redwing was part of a range of six models that made up the FROG Senior Series produced between 1953 and 1969. The wingspan is 18in. Like all kits in the FROG Senior series, the parts were die-cut and simple to put together resulting in a near scale representation of full-size sports planes of the era.

I would like to thank both Peter Z. and Peter R. from MG Bern for the identification of these lovely models.


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