Sunday flying at Blatna meadows

Our club ( has scheduled a vintage airplane event for the first time in its history. This club is widely known as a pylon racing (F3D, F5D) organizer, and some of the core members are well known for their success in the “pylon racing” world (

We have chosen an alternative date because the weather was not suitable as we expected. Sunday the 5th of September welcomed seven attendees with their models. Five engine-powered, three gliders, including one bigger rubber-powered airplane. In the end, we revoked even the only restriction rule of participation in the event, and every model was allowed to fly. Antique ships played a “power play” throughout the meeting, of course.

Perfect background with a large tent offered us to sit and relax in the shade, coffee maker and snacks, free-flying, and ideal weather, which turned out so nicely that we did not regret nullifying the original date. The event was expected to start at ten o’clock in the morning, but most participants were on the site earlier. We prepared two bungee launchers for gliders (Esso, Hoverking, and Sluka II), and the joy has begun.

The flying site was big enough, and everyone flew according to taste and mood, and suddenly there seemed to be more of us in the air than on the ground. We took the antique gliders and our fellows their DLGs to fly and met in the rising thermal concurrently with those who feel the climbing (a bunch of hawks) and according to whom thermals are better known.

We finished the flying with “record attempts” in thermals around 4 pm. The event was a pleasant time, friendly people, the background, and the weather were ideal. Although this was the first antique meeting organized by the AMC Blatná club, everything went flawlessly, all models survived, and I appreciated every moment during the day.

Big thanks to all who prepared, visited, participated, flew, and enjoyed this event. We look forward to the next one and hope this kind of event will become a standard part of the club calendar.

PS: Members of the MG Bern held their traditional “Antikflugtag” the day before on 4th September. We hereby send them greetings and wish to meet next year.

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