ESSO – Swiss glider by Arnold Degen (maiden flight)

It has been quite a while ago we brought a short building report. I built two ESSO models since that time and now it is high time to get one of this glider in the air. Even this (second) one is built from scratch using milled parts. I only made small changes to use the RC system and telemetry – yeah, it is great to see for example altitude in real-time. In this case, vario+altitude meter is directly built-in receiver and no modification was then necessary.

The model is almost complete except decals and battery tray door. I usually finalize each model I built after first flights, this allows us to perform additional trim and small changes to be made without ruin the covering and paint scheme – which in this case is not as necessary as the model is covered with natural silk only. The almost finished model weighs 740g including the battery which is 10g less than stated by the original plan.

I have performed first launches by hand, but having RC transmitter in one hand and ESSO in other turned out to be tricky and led to only very short “hops”. Then I put the radio on the ground and launch the glider purely by hand and let ESSO fly like a free flight model, which recreates the joy and emotions every model builder knows – “my model flies free”.

Just to be said, ESSO flown at the first attempt, no trimming or C.G. adjust was necessary and that day the limit only was my fatigue. It is hard to believe how “difficult” is to run after the model every launch is made as long as someone tries it. I nearly forgot (thank RC) free flight is a sport too ­čÖé

The following day I have drawn and print out new waterslide decals. My friend Peter from MG Bern has sent me a scan of original decals that I used to draw my set – Swiss flag on the tail fin and Esso logo on the nose.

I am looking forward to bring this glider to the Bern first Sunday in June this year for a gliders event which is going to be held by members of MG Bern in M├╝hlethurnen.

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