Collector's picks – Atom engine boxes

The latest MECA Swap Sheet brought a short ad saying that Peter Scott from the United Kingdom offers replicated boxes for legendary Atom engines. These engines are the smallest sparkies available that time back in the late 30s and early 40s.

I know Peter for a couple of years and I already have some engines in my collection which he perfectly restored and brought back to life again. I was aware these boxes must be something very special and I ordered a set of two for two my Atoms. I could not have wait to get the package. After few days it has arrived, well packed in a carton envelope having the large sticker on it saying: “please do not bend” – of course, this message was intended as a polite request to the post office.

The box itself is an excellent piece of work. Hardly even notice this is not an original box at first sight. Peter let digitally restored one of his original boxes, then printed and cut out by the professional company. Even the carton he has chosen is very close to the original one!

I can only recommend these boxes to every engine collector. It is a valuable addition to the collection.

In case you would like to have these boxes, leave a comment below and Peter will be notified about your interest.

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  • Peter Scott // // Reply

    Hello collectors, I still have some of these repro boxes available (as of January 2024).
    Regards, Peter

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