ALFA SPORT with Tundra wheels is another design by Jaromir Pipek

Subzero temperatures, rain and snow, short days, and continuous dark. These are the current conditions in the northern hemisphere. The daylight is being longer every day, but it still does not allow most of us to grab a beloved model and go to nature to enjoy at least a couple of flights. Yes, this is the wintertime. The longest period of dark and cold.

It is a perfect time to build a new model for an upcoming season or sort photos and memories from the past. Jaromir has sent me a couple of pictures showing his own well-known design named ALFA SPORT. It belongs to the set of trainer models ALFA JUNIOR, ALFA BABY, and PET (Jaromir has even built a good looking floatplane version and for those who like to fly for a whole year: a ski version). You can take a look at some of Jaromir’s designs published under the VTH-Verlag GmbH. The last-named evolved into the ALFA SPORT which is these days produced by the Hiesbök company as a kit.

Jaromir equipped his ALFA SPORT with big Tundra wheels that allow him to take off from the grass

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