26. Sammlertreffen der M.E.C.A. in der Schweiz

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  • Pavel Urbanek // // Reply

    Hi. I have an “Enya 09” model engine from late 1970-ies. It has been used only a few times. Since I do not build any aeroplanes any more would like to sell it to interested model collectors/flyers.
    Would there be any interest for such an engine on the “Sammlertreffen” in Switzerland this June?

    • Stanley J. Stembera // // Reply

      Hello Pavel, thank you for your message. Yes, I am sure there is a great chance to sell this engine at this event. It all depends on its condition and shape. You mentioned the engine has been running only a few times. Based on this we could assume its state as “LN” – like new or “NEW”. In case you are still interested, suggest your expected price and consider how to deliver your engine at the “Sammlertreffen” event. I will contact you via e-mail with further information.

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