26. Sammlertreffen der M.E.C.A. in der Schweiz

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  • Pavel Urbanek // // Reply

    Hi. I have an “Enya 09” model engine from late 1970-ies. It has been used only a few times. Since I do not build any aeroplanes any more would like to sell it to interested model collectors/flyers.
    Would there be any interest for such an engine on the “Sammlertreffen” in Switzerland this June?

    • Stanley J. Stembera // // Reply

      Hello Pavel, thank you for your message. Yes, I am sure there is a great chance to sell this engine at this event. It all depends on its condition and shape. You mentioned the engine has been running only a few times. Based on this we could assume its state as “LN” – like new or “NEW”. In case you are still interested, suggest your expected price and consider how to deliver your engine at the “Sammlertreffen” event. I will contact you via e-mail with further information.

  • Gerhard Zaugg // // Reply

    Ich habe einen Motor ENYA 4-Takt, 15 ccm und dazu noch diverses Material wie Tankfüll-Anlage, Starter, Kerzenkabel u.s.w.
    Ich brauche das ganze Material nicht mehr und würde es gerne verkaufen. Leider kann ich am Samstag nicht nach Oberbalm kommen. Ich wohne in Ostermundigen. Wie könnte man das Ganze bewerkstelligen ?

    • Stanley J. Stembera // // Reply

      Sali Gerhard, leider habe ich erst heute deine Nachricht gelesen. Du kannst trotzdem deinen Motor via eBay oder durch MECA verkaufen. Ich melde mich bei dir via E-mail.

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